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To help you get the best outcome, I have created a series of articles based on my years of experience from inside public sector procurement to help you understand how to write the best proposal to government. Free!

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Why Us?

I am an expert in government procurement. I have written RFPs, written evaluation criteria, briefed evaluators and took part in evaluations, awarded contracts, and debriefed unsuccessful Bidders. Hundreds of them.

I understand what makes government procurement tick. And I want to use my experience to work with you to make effective proposals and grow your business with new contracts.


Jon is a reliable, hard-working entrepreneur. He pays great attention to detail in all the work he does. Jon is honest, very punctual, and always willing to take the extra step to help out a client or colleague, no matter how complex the request.

Judith Siebring-Maatman, Talaria Communications


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