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Why Us?

I am an expert in government procurement. That means I have written RFPs, written evaluation criteria, briefed evaluators and took part in evaluations, awarded contracts, and debriefed unsuccessful Bidders. Hundreds of them.

I understand what makes government procurement tick. And I want to use my experience to work with you to make effective proposals and grow your business with new contracts.

My start in public procurement was unorthodox. I started as a consultant in a private company, offering public procurement advice. That meant that not only did I become an expert in public procurement, but I also had to write bids to provide procurement advisory services through most of my career.

After more than 10 years as a consultant, I worked directly in the public service as a procurement professional. Throughout my time, I have worked on the evaluations of hundreds of bids. I have always strived to achieve the best outcome for Canadians.

I have seen average bids get great scores because they understand government procurement processes, and fantastic, innovative bids get thrown out because they missed some minor, but very important thing.

That is not the best outcome, and on the government side, there is nothing that can be done! Now I want to help you get your great ideas accepted by the government.

It's a win for you to get a great new contract, and it's a win for Canadians to get great new innovation!


Jon is a reliable, hard-working entrepreneur. He pays great attention to detail in all the work he does. Jon is honest, very punctual, and always willing to take the extra step to help out a client or colleague, no matter how complex the request.

Judith Siebring-Maatman, Talaria Communications


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