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Ad Hoc Support

Government procurement processes can be confusing. Sometimes you just need someone on hand to answer questions, and help with procurement processes and contracting when it comes up. 

We offer services to support your public procurement journey, providing our "Insider Expertise" to you and your team to cut through the noise and get results.

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Ad Hoc support can take many shapes and sizes. It might include things like:

  • Proposal Review and Scoring. If your team is working on a complex proposal and you want a better idea of how it might do, we will apply the same review techniques and practices as government evaluators do to provide you with an estimated technical score and outline areas for improvement.

  • Historical Bid Analysis. Not sure why your proposals are not doing as well as you think they should? We can review the related RFPs and go through your proposal to find out what went wrong, and also what went right, and provide a report of Lessons Learned and Areas for Improvement.

  • Procurement Process Advice. We hear from businesses all the time that "have an issue" with a procurement process. We can help you understand what is happening on the government side to help you understand how to address it on the business side.

  • Government Training. For government officials looking to understand how to get better results in their procurement processes, We can provide training for your team to understand how business sees your process, and help your team understand how to improve your processes to achieve better procurement outcomes.

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