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Lessons Learned

You can't always win every bid you try. Sometimes you know why. Sometimes it doesn't make any sense. Either way, you want to understand how to do better next time.

I will work with you throughout any debrief process, review your bid against the RFP, and consider any notes you received from the debrief so I can provide insight into how those results came about, and give you practical advice on how to improve.

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The start of any lessons learned from an RFP process is the debrief: This is required in most RFP processes, and even when it is not required it is often given. The idea of a debrief is for the Contracting Authority to give you an idea of how to do better next time. This is often done by telling you where your proposal scored well, and where it did not.

While most organizations try hard to give you what you need, sometimes the commentary they provide is hard to understand. And sometimes you cannot understand why they came to the conclusions they did, even after hearing about it from their perspective.

I can help translate what this information means for you practically, and help you understand how to make a better bid next time. I do this through detailed review of the RFP, any debrief notes you were provided, and then a related review of your proposal to understand where the gaps may have been found. You can use the report provided to focus on improvements for your next bid, and to improve your bid writing process.

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