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Ongoing Support

If you have gone through the Readiness Assessment and Procurement Solution, or if you already have a team working to develop proposals, you can benefit from regular ongoing support.

We can provide you and your team regular RFP Scans, provide our "Insider Expertise" on any given government procurement or contracting issue, and help out on any complex proposals you and your team may face.


Our Ongoing Support has has 3 phases:

1.  RFP Scan. We review more than 15 different e-tender sites across the country to find opportunities that meet your objectives. Opportunities are sent as soon as we find them for your team to review and determine a bid/no-bid decision, and a report is provided on a monthly basis of all opportunities reviewed and searches completed on your behalf. We provide this service for opportunities across Canada, with the option to search across the United States as well.

2.  Collaborative Development. Once a bid decision has been made, we provide a breakdown of the RFP requirements and a recommended bid structure. Our bid structures are designed for maximum impact for the evaluation committee to help you stand out from the crowd.  We work collaboratively with your team to develop the strongest technical proposal possible, while working with you to develop the financial proposal and get through any questions or concerns with the procurement process

3. Continuous Improvement. Throughout the process, we look to see where documentation can be improved, and where processes need to be adjusted to meet your organizations needs. Procurement is an ever-changing field, and we make sure your content and processes keep up with changes in how public sector organizations ask for your services.

OUTCOME: You will receive applicable RFPs on a regular basis, and have proposals that are impactful, improving with each iteration. You will get updated templates and documentation to reflect Lessons Learned and new Best Practices. Your proposals will be efficient and effective against RFPs.

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