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Proposal Quality Assurance

Getting the right content together in the right way is key to having a good technical score. If you have to choose to either take time to have the right images and branding, or have the right text in the right order, choose text every time.

Text gives you points.

Points get you a contract.

Proposal Optimizer.jpg

Every proposal is different. Even when you can use great content from past proposals again, it is very important to make sure it will score as well in the new RFP. A detailed review of the proposal content against the RFP criteria and keywords for scoring success will help your text be optimized to give you the best score it can.

I have been in the evaluation room on public sector contracts in a number of ways: As an evaluator. As a contracting authority. Process Recorder. Even Fairness Monitor. I have instructed countless evaluation committees on what they need to look for to award points (actually, typically what they need to look for to remove points).

Now it is my pleasure to offer my clients that insight when I do a review of their proposals. 

This work is done in a way that best suits your team: whether its detailed live collaboration using documents shared on your favourite cloud service, or consolidated, distinct rounds of review, we work to get the best outcome we can for the offer you have.

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