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Readiness Assessment

The biggest problem I come across is that businesses feel like they have all the documentation they need, and processes ready to be successful in a public sector procurement. But, they don't. So if we start work with the "excellent documentation" and find out it's lacking, we're already set for failure. Public Sector RFPs are not typical open long enough for you to write everything from scratch!

With our Readiness Assessment, we take that risk out of the process.

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The Readiness Assessment has 3 steps:

1.  Objectives & Documentation. We will review with your executives your organizations goals and objectives for public sector procurement in your organization. This will ensure that the documentation and plan will meet your needs and get you to where you need to be. We will also complete a gap analysis with all existing documentation to see where your existing strengths and weaknesses are and develop a process improvement plan.

2.  Procurement Training. We will provide your team with unparalleled, "insider" public sector procurement training. This includes modules in how to find applicable RFPs, how to understand the processes, how to write proposals that meet the public sector's need, and a review of how public sector evaluators are trained to score your proposal.

3. Implementation. Based on the review in Step 1, we will revise your documentation and recommend priority public sector RFP targets for a tailored approach. This may also include a Bid Decision Matrix for organizations that need a clear, documented approach for determining a Go/No Go on any given RFP.

OUTCOME: You will get processes and documents that are optimized for efficient and effective public sector proposal development. Your team will have a better understanding of the process: Your internal bidding process, as well as government procurement processes.

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