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RFP Breakdown

Every RFP is different.  Even when you get used to reviewing them to determine what it is you need to submit, what the work is about, and all the relevant details, sometimes one comes along that is more complex than the rest.

RFP Breakdown.jpg

RFPs can get complicated. Sometimes they have complex or unclear criteria. Sometimes it's not clear what  the work is, what the structure of the contract will be, or what the Contracting Authority is really asking Bidders to do.

On top of that, determining what they keywords are you need to address to get the best technical score you can is not necessarily straightforward.

As someone who has written RFPs, and has specialized in complex evaluations for government tenders, I can help break down the RFP requirements for you so you know what they Contracting Authority is really asking for, and then you can determine if it really is worth your while to bid, or if it's not something you can respond to.

I'll deliver a recommended proposal outline and structure describing a way to address the requirements in a way that is optimal for the Evaluators. This is intended to make it easier for Evaluators to see what they need to in order to give the best possible technical score your content can get.

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