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Lots of companies have great writers, or even dedicated bid writing units. Gaining strong insight into how your bid might realistically score can make a good bid into a great bid, and increase your chances of scoring well and getting the contract.


Not only have I written criteria for hundreds of RFPs, I have also trained evaluation teams on how to review proposals, I have reviewed proposals on my own, and I have supported evaluation teams as a processes recorder and fairness monitor. I use this insight gained over my career to review your proposal in a similar way to that the evaluation team. This will help you understand how it will be approached, where you will get points, and importantly, where they will be lost.


This type of review is best done by someone not involved in the proposal development process. Writing a bid, you understand exactly where you feel all the information is and what it means. You think you have answered everything. But from an outside perspective (like the evaluation team) it might not be as clear.

This process starts as soon as we have the RFP, so I can break it down to understand how the evaluators might approach the evaluation process.  In order to have enough time to complete a detailed review, provide all relevant notes, and be able to incorporate any changes, it could be necessary for me to receive a draft bid anywhere between 3 days and 2 weeks prior to the submission deadline (depending on the size of the RFP and the bid). We need sufficient time for me to read the proposal as evaluators might, score it with detailed notes, and provide you with those scores and recommended adjustments, and for you to consider those adjustments and notes prior to the bid deadline.

Not all proposals can be reviewed in this way. In some jurisdictions, they do not provide significant detail on the evaluation process in order for a third party to break down the information (even one with detailed insider experience). When you're looking at a complex RFP, it's best to consider this type of review right from the start to make sure you get the best information and the right time.

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